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Clinton & Obama Commit to 80% Reductions by 2050!!!!

Posted by Bill McKibben on May 7th, 2007


Ever wonder if  citizen action really matters? There's no one who can read public opinion like presidential candidates (they have armies of pollsters), so please take it as a real tribute to your hard work that on Thursday both Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton signed on to support 80% emissions cuts by 2050!!!! They did it quietly, signing on as co-sponsors to the Sanders bill in the Senate which contains that goal. We'll need them to speak out loud and clear in the months ahead to make sure that whoever wins the White House has a mandate for big change. But we're awfully glad that they've followed John Edwards down the 80 by 50 road. When we announced that goal in early January, people said it was too big, too ambitious. But we knew it was what the science demanded--and now we know that, thanks to you, political reality can change with lighting speed! Thank you all for a huge victory--and if you want to send each of the three candidates a note thanking them, that would probably be useful.

Click here to send a Thank You Note to Senator Clinton.
Click here to send a Thank You Note to Senator Obama.

And click here to send a Thank You Note to Senator John Edwards, the candidate first out of the gate to take a bold stand for 80% Carbon Reductions by 2050.

P.S.--If they decided to push the envelope--80% by 2030 anyone?--we wouldn't complain.

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